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This is how it works!
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This is how it works!

On this web site you can organize and sort your shopping list. Just choose a category on the right side and write the items or copy/paste the items from Excel. You don't have to register your e-mail or cell phone number to join. And of course it's free.

Add Your Items

When you add items you have to write them in the order; amount unit item
like this:

1Bottle Milk
1 Butter

If you skip amount or item the default amount is 1 and the unit will be chosen from the database. will now try to sort your item with a database containing over 15000 indexed items. If an item isn't found by the database you can choose category manually.

If you want to change category of an item you can just press to the rigth of the item.

Organize your own store only administrates a couple of standard stores that you can use when you sort your shopping list. But if you want your list in the same order as your favorite store you can add it and sort the categories in the order you want them. When all the categories are in your preferred order you can share "your" store with other users by checking the "share" check box.


When you have added all your items you can either print the list or use your iPhone, hand held device or cell phone and log on to For most common cell phones and hand-held devices will automatically adjust the presentation. But you can also choose format by pressing:


How to use the site with your iPhone will automatically sense if you are using an iPhone to access this web page. Simply go to and log in and you will get a perfectly formated shopping list.

Use this site with Android will automatically recognize most Android cell phones and adjust the format. But sometimes it's necessary to push to get the right width. When you have added a new bookmark in your browser you can hold in the bookmark icon for about a second and then choose "Add shortcut to Home". You will then get a nice shortcut icon on your Home Screen.

How to use an ordinary cell phone will work perfectly well with an ordinary cell phone. But it's recommended to use the Opera browser instead of the built in browser. The Opera browser can be found at


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This web page uses cookies to optimize the contents